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5 min readOct 15, 2021


When we start talking regarding crypto projects we all know that each day several new projects see the daylight. It’s a very low number of projects worth.

So it’s hard to find the right one that can make a difference in the crypto world. It is not a rare situation when you see some project price jumped for let’s say hundred times, right. And then you say “OMG I know for this project 3 months already, but I didn’t have time to check details well. Or “I was thinking it was a stupid idea”. Anyway, that was the project that could change your life for the better, but it passed away.

Take coffee or tea and prepare yourself to read about something new, that will make success for sure.

There are several points every good project should have.

In the first place, it is a unique idea. Something that nobody did before. At least not in a good way. Every day we can see copies of copies of some projects that have made success. People jump into those projects only because they expect it will repeat the previous success of the first project. But in the real world “The first is the KING”. Copies don’t pass well.

The second very important thing is the use case. How many people need the product that coin/token offers? Is it related to one country or the whole world? Will it be used by thousands or millions of people?

The third and maybe the main thing is “Does that concept already work outside of the crypto world?”. If yes, then it is worth making it.

No need to forget coding and technology. When you make something, you want it to solve the problems that other projects have. You want to see something that is making a difference. Something exciting and easy to use.

The fifth thing is the team behind the project. If you have a group of serious people that are ready to combine their skills to make a unique project then you are at the right time at the right place.

And six and the last thing is trending. No way that a project can be successful if it is solving some old problems, people don’t care about anymore. The project must follow the trends and be ahead of the trends that are coming.

Now…about PENNY token.

We all know that work from home is the direction the world is going in. It is expected that in the next 4 to 5 years half of the population will do their jobs from home. The number of freelancers jumped by 41% only in the second half of 2020 because of the pandemic. It is not a secret that it is much easier to work from home when you want, and how much you want. The people that took their job seriously, now earn much more working from home than from old offices. So work from home is growing by linear speed.

On the other side, we already get to the point where 1 of 10 people are investing in cryptocurrencies. It was 3.9% last year. So we can see a 250% rise in that segment too.

Now we are coming to the project that is combining these two trends into one platform. Penny Token is building a decentralized freelance marketplace without the middleman, where people can work from home and be paid in crypto for their work. The lowest fees for using this platform will be with Penny Token as the payment option.

When you see this part alone, you can see a bright future for the project.

The next part is related to the use case and how many people can use this platform in the future. At this moment there are over 60 million freelancers on the top 3 freelance websites that pay in fiat. If only 5% of them find this platform interesting, it takes us to 3 million users on it. But I believe that with good marketing 30% of all freelancers will not be strange to see here. To understand why we think like that, you need to understand their situation at this moment for all that are working on other platforms.

Let’s say that a freelancer does a job that costs $10.

The freelance platform will take him about 20%, so he will be paid $8.

Withdraw the earnings from the platform to the bank, also have the cost.

In the end, when they receive the payment, most of them need to pay the tax that is up to 60% in some countries.

Imagine doing the job that cost $10, and receive the 3$ or $4 at the end…

If you have a better option, would you move to it, or would you continue to work for 30–40% of your work price?

Behind the penny token is a team of highly skilled professionals and most of them are in crypto for a long time. With the combination of their specialties, surely, penny token will be a top-notch project!

Now a few words regarding the code of a token.

Even though we could use simple token for this use case, we decided to make something interesting.

As a freelance platform, you don’t have too many chances if you accept only one type of crypto. So you MUST accept all the main cryptocurrencies.

And on the platform we have two sides:

-Freelancers who maybe like one crypto

-Employers who are maybe not familiar with crypto that freelancers want.

Penny is the FIRST multichain token that can be deployed on ANY crypto network and easily be transferred from chain to chain with two clicks.

Instead of using bridges that even experienced crypto users find difficult to use, with many situations where tokens are locked at one side or another, Penny has its application where this process is maximally simplified.

The complete process is controlled by a protocol validator. When the token is burned in one chain, the protocol validator checks the burned amount, validates it, and gives approval to mint in other chains. So it’s impossible to excess total supply by minting on other chains or staking.

Penny is a community-driven “live” token, and all the changes are made by holders voting. Protocol validator will update and maintain all changes across the different chains!

All details regarding technology with video explanations can be seen on the Penny Token YouTube Channel.


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